Understanding how to care for your lawn during the colder months is important to keeping a healthy lawn all year round. With the deep cold experienced in our area, preparing a lawn for winter is critical to its well-being and beauty that you enjoy in spring and summer. Preparing your lawn correctly in the fall can prevent it from becoming damaged by the cold or by weakness and susceptibility to disease.

You can utilize these practices to keep your lawn looking good and growing at its best:

Aerating your lawn– having your lawn aerated does wonders for its health. It breaks up the excess and opens channels for the fertilizers to do their job. With air, sun and fertilizer able to flow into the soil, the roots are nourished wholly. Healthy roots can keep your grass absorbing water and more nutrients to store for the winter months. Your lawn will be in good health and look great when summer comes.

Fertilizing your lawn– In the fall, fertilizing your lawn will provide the necessary nutrients for it to survive a harsh winter and stay healthy. Your grass slows its top from growing and starts its storage in the root structure. While the grass is still in that storage phase, it is important to fertilize to strengthen it against potential disease and cold weather damage. Fertilization is food for the healthy lawn.

Lawn Mowing and clearing– Clear all piles of lawn debris so that it does not suffocate the lawn during its nutrient absorption phase. It is helpful for the cut that you give your lawn going into the fall is a bit higher than the summer cuttings, as this will help your lawn’s root structure.

At the very last cut of the season, cut the lawn a bit lower than the summer cut, in order to allow your grass to use its roots to store nutrients and not work on growing a longer blade. Be sure to leave the grass cuttings on the lawn as a mulch to protect the grass for the coming temperature change. It will also protect the grass from the vulnerability of disease. This is good for the winter preparation of your lawn.

Rake, mow, aerate and fertilize properly and you will have a fantastic yard in the spring and summer, and all year round! Ask us today how we can help you with your lawn care needs.