Sprinkler Services

With sprinkler services from All Pro Irrigation & Fertilization, you know that you are receiving the proper care and maintenance to keep your irrigation system running at peak performance. We provide start up and blow out services so that your system is prepared for every season.


Start Up Services– In the spring, when it’s time to have your system ready for watering, our technicians change the main line and check the pressure to avoid any leaks. We check backflow as well. We will adjust the sprinkler heads and ensure that the controller is working properly. We test the entire system, perform any necessary repairs and provide you with a quality system start up of your sprinklers.


Blow Out Services– It is important to winterize your sprinkler system from the elements. Blowing out your system in the fall, can prevent damage from freezing water left inside your sprinkler system. We blow out each part of the system with compressed air to remove all water and make sure that the main water supply is off. This eliminates standing water and prevents lines from cracking during freezing temperatures. This prevents costly repairs in the spring when the system is again put into use.