Sprinkler Installation

With All Pro Irrigation and Fertilization’s expert sprinkler installation, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best quality and value on your installation.

We provide all trenching and connections from the water source. We install all lines and drains, as well as controllers, sprinkler heads and valves. We have backflow prevention testing and warranty choices for your new sprinkler installation. Our technicians understand the unique needs for custom lawn spaces and how to ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Our team has years of sprinkler installation experience and our service is top of the line. Our technicians arrive on time, work with you to review all your system needs and do an expert job on installation.

Remember that completion of automatic sprinkler installation is not where it stops- maintaining your system is important throughout the seasons, and we will service your system at regular season times as well as when any other repair or maintenance is needed. We also provide winterization and spring startup service to keep your irrigation running smoothly.

We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction- give us a call today and see how we can give you a healthier lawn!