All Pro Irrigation & Fertilization is your fertilization specialist- how we do it

Properly fertilizing your lawn keeps it healthy and looking good. We understand the dynamics of specialized fertilization to suit the exact needs of your lawn. Our technicians assess the specific needs of your lawn, evaluating the levels of nitrogen, potassium and phosphate to ensure that your fertilization is exactly what your lawn needs to keep it’s healthy green.

During the fall season, it’s a very important time to fertilize your lawn when the grass is storing nutrients for the cold coming months. The lawn is holding all necessary nutrients in reserve and these will be a critical part of the health of your lawn in the springtime.
Your lawn will draw on these reserves and help it to become resistant to disease, which is why it is so important for a fall fertilization. We provide all necessary nutrients in a process that is designed to give expert care to the health of your lawn year-round.

Trust All Pro Irrigation & Fertilization to care for your lawn and yard with expert experience and care. Call us for an evaluation today.